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Hospitality management where venues are humanised, communities are optimised, and growth & innovation are prioritised.

With hospitality management in his genes, Stephen Hunt has established a private equity firm with five venues and 250 employees, where entrepreneurs and local businesses are effectively blended. Savvy at executing multimillion-dollar deals, including product/service innovations and property acquisitions, Stephen’s Hunt Hospitality has evolved into a capital investment, local grassroots powerhouse.

Providing employment and entrepreneur opportunities focused on establishing fun and attractive local entertainment and investment offerings, the current portfolio includes:

  • The Kent Hotel
  • The Duke of Wellington
  • Seabreeze Hotel
  • Finnian’s Tavern
  • Ocean View Hotel

Our Mission Statement:

To create a environment which is purely fun, relaxing and nurturing, so people can counter the impact of stress in modern life.

We’re all about recalling tradition, and adding a twist of today.

Isn’t it nice to walk into a pub, you’re greeted with a smile and asked, “What do you feel like today”?

The atmosphere is fresh yet comfortable, the food – locally sourced and made by top quality Chefs with a conscience. There’s a vibrant hum when drinks are prepared, you look around and know this is Hunt Hospitality.

Careers at Hunt Hospitality

It’s you who can make a difference in a person’s day.

Your career is what you make of it, and by joining the Hunt Hospitality Team you are supported by dedicated individuals that actually want to see you succeed. You’ll build a recognised skill set that leads to plenty of opportunities to advance within the company.

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You walk in and say “I’ll remember this”.

A Hunt Hospitality Venue offers affordable accommodation, function areas, live entertainment, plus weekly food and beverage specials. We’re proud of our involvement in the community, and strive to make your time with us a great memory.

We look forward to hearing from you.