Hospitality management where venues are humanised,
communities are optimised,and growth & innovation are prioritised.

With hospitality management in his genes, Stephen Hunt has established a private equity firm with six venues and 250 employees, where entrepreneurs and local businesses are effectively blended. Savvy at executing multimillion-dollar deals, including product/service innovations and property acquisitions, Stephen’s Hunt Hospitality has evolved into a capital investment, local grassroots powerhouse.

Providing employment and entrepreneur opportunities focused on establishing fun and attractive local entertainment and investment offerings, the current portfolio includes:

  • The Kent Hotel
  • The Duke of Wellington
  • Seabreeze Hotel
  • Finnian’s Tavern
  • Ocean View Hotel

Recalling pub tradition ‘with a twist’, some of Hunt Hospitality’s standout hospitality management and other business offerings include:

  • localised food, beverages and entertainment
  • commercial partnerships (incl. high-end investors)
  • grassroots sponsorships (incl. sport and arts)
  • family-oriented, people-come-first workplaces
  • fundraising and other community contributions
  • private equity and entrepreneur opportunities

Fully compliant including with local liquor accords, recognition of Hunt Hospitality’s private equity entrepreneurship and sense of community includes:

  • Variety Platinum Sponsor Award (2019)
  • Excellence in Customer Service Nomination (2015)
  • Excellence in Business Nomination (2015)
  • Business Leader of the Year Nomination (2015)
  • 11 x AHA Awards for Excellence Nominations (2016)

More personally, its support of local business and community endeavours has been recognised as:

  • “Making a significant contribution to the arts and cultural life” (Melinda McMillan, Newcastle ArtSpace)
  • “Allowing connection with a wider community” (Ray Milton, Bay Rugby Club)
  • Valued part of the wider community” (Jason Bourke, Variety – Children’s Charity)



Stephen Hunt | Managing Director

I established this hospitality management firm when consulting to Independent Pub Group on strategic planning and business development activity (incl. acquisitions and divestments), while also managing the Kent Hotel. This was largely spurred on by my desire to effectively combine business with pleasure within hospitality management.

Ever-focused on growth and innovation, I then set up the SJH Hotel Fund, an operating REIT, in 2015 to enable investors (incl. employees) to financially commit to the company’s primary mission. That is, hospitality management where venues are humanised, communities are optimised, and growth and innovation are prioritised.

Now managing director of a highly successful private equity fund with six brands (hospitality management venues) and 250+ employees, some of my CORE FOCUS AREAS include:

  • Overseeing strategic planning and expansion of private equity fund, including via business developments (e.g. vertical integration)
  • Undertaking complex commercial negotiations, including multimillion-dollar investments for return on investment escalation
  • Facilitating community engagement including grassroots sponsorships and local partnerships to penetrate and differentiate
  • Motivating investors, employees, punters, etc. to contribute to our core objective of recalling pub tradition ‘with a twist’

Always on the lookout for fresh, financially sound business development opportunities, some of my MOST NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENTS have included:

  • Maintaining steady, sustainable private equity growth via advanced strategic plans, business innovations and commercial agreements
  • Implementing hospitality management doctrines, plans and practices to broaden financial investments (e.g. local producers)
  • Delivering award-winning, community engagement events, including for underprivileged and budding local talent (e.g. sports/arts)
  • Offering diverse hospitality management products/services, via people-first workplaces bolstered by the private equity fund