Hi, I’m Stephen Hunt from hunt hospitality. Welcome back. So today we’ll be talking about your pitch. This is an awesome day because you’re basically selling your product to potential investors. Now, there’s lots of different really important things, the most important thing to, think and discuss is listen to your investor. So even before that you set up your meeting, and have the pitch with your investor, you need to say, look, where’s a comfortable environment for us to meet? And you need to ask them many questions, as well about how they want the pitch presented. Do they want? Do they want a video presentation? Are they comfortable with a hard copy? I.M on the desk? And also, who is going to be at the meeting? I can’t stand turning up to a meeting where there’s someone else who you don’t know who’s going to be at the meeting. And you need to tell them who’s going to be with you.

I have my Director of Operations and marketing Ricci, and I bring her to most of my meetings. That’s because if I can’t answer the questions, she can. And I tell the investor, before we actually have the meeting that she’s going to be there. It’s just common courtesy. So you finally got the investor, you’re sitting in the room. Now, I’ll tell you one interesting story that happened to me. So myself and Alex, who helped me fundraise for our firm, were basically we had 20 potential investors to see over a two day period, we’re in Sydney, we had a nice office space, comfortable environment for investment managers to come. And we were basically going to go through the pitch with them. It’s nine o’clock on a Monday morning, we’re going up in the lift. And imagine the little screen on the lift, basically saying Australian stock market has crashed. It’s one of the worst days in Australia’s history.

So cool hand, Alex and myself, after we sort of thought, well, what the beep* are we going to do. We never literally looked at each other went, this is gonna be an interesting day. The reason why was because all of the investment managers who were seeing would have been rang, ridiculous amount of times from their bosses saying, We’ve just lost loads of money on the stock market. What are you going to do? So Alex, and I came up with this plan, we thought, right, they’re all going to be in defensive mode.

So what we’re going to do is we’re going to tell them about how we have come through many different adversities, and how we’ve, how we’ve done that and the success and how we add the ability to thrive on the way through, we needed to give the investment managers surety, that we’re a strong, stable long term business, and potentially why we were better than the stock market. Thankfully, on that day, we actually picked up quite a few investors. But hopefully, you won’t have to go through that. And the more preparation you do, the more that you will be able to handle that situation.

So you’re back to the room, you haven’t had that situation. You’re expressing the plan, and going through it with the investors. So it’s really important to listen to what they want. Again, take notes. And don’t be afraid if you do not know the answer to a question. Please go back and say I will refer back to you, refer back within a very specific time frame. And everything you say that you’re going to do in that meeting, make sure you do it. It’s crucial. It’s courteous, a lot of investors don’t have time to muck around. They don’t want to be chasing you about anything. This is the time where you chase them.

Thank you and if I can give you an even further information, feel free to contact me.